Saturday, August 23, 2014

Little dog lost pool. Needs help finding new one. 

Hello, I am Miss Kitty.
I love chilling in the pool on hot days.
It helps a poor old lady (77 in dog years!) like me feel good.
Mommy and Daddy sold my pool and have taken me down to South Carolina.
They got me a really nice house with a great yard.
Problem is they did not get me a big pool for my floats and friends.

Mommy keeps telling me to get a job if I want things.
I am qualified at annoying the Postal Officers and killing vermin.
I have no thumbs to fill out job applications nor a SS number.
How am I to get a job? This is where you, all my adoring friends, come in. 

I am asking for donations for my new pool fund. Any amount is welcome.
I give you little dog kisses on your nose for every dollar donated.
Lick attacks for the big donators!




Copyright 2009 Kitty Wood